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Established QS Zurich AG May 10, 1996
Registered Office QS Zürich AG P.O.Box 6335, CH 8050 Zürich (Switzerland)
Regional branch offices QS Zürich AG, Office Basel, Erlenstrasse 31, CH 4106 Therwil
Global Presence Germany, China, Italy, Mexico, Hungary, Korea, India, Turkey, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Russia, Greece, Ecuador, Uruguay; Chile, Pakistan, Egypt, Poland, Slowakei
Personnel Switzerland:                                          International:
- 15 Lead auditors                                 - 83 Lead auditors
- 24 Auditors                                        - 52 Auditors
- 10 Qualified experts                           - 39 Qualified experts

QS Zürich AG is accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Services (SAS)
For downloading the Scopes of our accreditation's please follow the desired link:
Accreditations of QS Zürich AG
SCES Directory – Management Systems
SCES Directory – Products

Objective  The customer is the hub of all our considerations. For the benefit of our customer, we offer single point solutions which best suit their requirements. We offer certifications which comply with the requirements of all regulations and decrees.

Agriculture, fishing, food products, beverages, tobacco, textiles and textile products, leather and leather products, wood and wood products, publishing companies, printing companies, chemicals, chemical products and fibres, rubber and plastic products, basic metals and fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment, electrical and optical equipment, other transport equipment, manufacturing not elsewhere classified, recycling, electricity supply, water supply, construction, wholesale and retail trade, repairs, hotel and restaurants, transport, storage, communication, information technology, engineering and other services, public administration, health and social work and other social services.

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