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Why do you need Certification?
  • To increase your system effectiveness leading to increased profitability
  • To achieve business excellence through enhanced process performance
  • Be step ahead of your competitors
  • To increase customer satisfaction and earn and retain your customers
  • Assure customers of your product / service Quality.
  • To improve productivity of your business processes.
  • To enhance market share
  • To improve your Company’s bottom line and image
  • To reduce wastageand costs

In modern days, buyers have become much more quality conscious than before.They prefer only those products, which are produced by consistent and standardized methodologies propagated by quality management principles. Some of the benefits of ISO systems are as enumerated below:

  • Increased Profitability
  • Consistent Quality of products / services
  • Lesser Defects
  • On-time Deliveries
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Profitability
  • Improved competitiveness and organization capability
  • Enhanced market imageand share
  • Reduced cost and minimized rejection.
  • Be perceived as a quality provider.
  • Continual improvement
Role of QS Zürich AG/ Certifications INC.(QSZCINC)
QSZINC offers on behalf of QS Zürich AG a range of 3rd party registration audits/assessments to suit most organizations’ need. Weproactively interactwith clients to identify and deliver value for our services and there by our customers while at the same time ensuring compliance with the relevant National and International Standards. It is publicly acknowledged that QS Zürich AG Certification is one of the most rapidly respected and sought after Certification Body.
The following outlines why we are well equipped to meet the requirements, irrespective of thesize of organization: -
  • We take on client work only where we can demonstrate ourcompetence and deliver tangible and real client value assurance.
  • Our audit approach provides our customers the highest degree of confidence.
  • We offer pro-active, friendly and individualized services.
  • We operate in line with the highest professional standards in the industry.
  • We offer a Competitive fee structure and are highly cost effective.
Why we are different?
  • Sorry, you are not a traditional certification body,where traditional certification bodies sell products aimed at demonstrating compliance, not practical data or knowledge, our approach on behalf of QS Zürich AG,improves performance & provides solutions, aimed at achieving conformity and bottom line improvements in organizational performance.
  • Certificates of QS Zürich AG carry the logo of the certified organization.
Route to Management System Certification
The route to registration involves a two-phase process based on the international standard you require registration to. The following outlines the basic stages.
This consists of Document Review (On site / Off-site) and the compliance Audit, leading to certification.
Surveillance Audits
These are conducted, normally at an annual frequency, but depending upon the size of the organization and the complexity of operationsthe frequency could be altered to a more frequent level. These audits are to verify continued compliance to requirements.
Re certification
Subject to successful Surveillance Audits, a re-certification audit is carried out after every three years, where the compliance of system is verified in a comprehensive manner.
Cost element
QSZCINC, on behalf of QS Zürich AG, believes in providing most competitive prices, which offers optimum value for money. In contrast with traditional Certification Bodies who couldcharge an unexplained premium for their services, and/or include hidden and non-value costs in their fee. On behalf of QS Zürich AG, we have ensured that there are no such costs in our services and thus ensure such saving for our clients. On behalf of QS Zürich AG, we also offer very attractive prices for the transfer and re certification / up gradation cases, as an appreciation of our eagerness to serve and retain our valued clients.
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